Let us Walk

Working hard all day,
We all earn whatever we do!
Every month we get our pay,
Where it goes do we have any clue?

A big part is deducted as tax,
To be used to run the country!
While we sit back and relax,
Our money becomes a mystery!!

It is meant to be spent on the needy,
And to build roads, bridges and dams!!
Instead it fills the pockets of the greedy,
Leading to frauds, rackets and scams!!

How long will we be silent,
Till when can we shut our eyes?
Its time to stop acting decent,
Like the phoenix let us all rise!!

Let us be a little mad,
Nothing wrong in being angry!
All our money if we add,
Can feed all who are hungry!!

It is time to rise from our sleep,
And demonstrate we will take no more!
They have burnt our pockets deep,
This is our time to show them the door!!

Together if we all stand,
We can give them a big shock!
So holding hand in hand,
Let us walk, let us WALK!!

Dandi March II against corruption

Dandi March II - in more than 50 cities on 26 March

Five reasons you should join the Dandi March II walk in your city

81 years after Gandhiji did the Dandi March to shake the British Empire, it’s happening again. Concerned citizens of India all over the world are marching in over 80 cities against corruption in India. Corruption has become the new colonialist in India. The politicians, bureaucrats and other officials are engaging in corruption without fear or shame. They have exploited the democratic system and the huge poverty in India to their advantage. It has become almost impossible to remove them from their offices, leave alone punish them or recover the money lost due to corruption. The demand and objective of this Dandi March 2 is to pressurize the Indian government into enacting the Jan Lokpal Bill‘ which has been advocated by noted social activists like Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal, and others.

Walk together against corruption

Walk together against corruption

Dandi March 2 is happening all over the globe. Check out here and find out if it is happening in your city. If not, you can take the lead in organizing a small march in your own city. Remember, it is the collective intention of Indians marching in different cities that will help put pressure on the government to take action. Here are five reasons why you should join the Dandi March II walk happening in your city –

1. Enough is Enough
While you have been busy eating popcorn and watching that latest movie on television, our politicians have been eating our hard earned money we have paid as tax. They have sat in parliament, assemblies, offices and framed laws and made systems which make it easy for them to continue their brazen acts of corruption. They have neglected the complaints which few people have raised against them, and used the law, the police, and even the mafia to deter and scare such people. It is time that YOU wake up and demand accountability for YOUR money.

2. Sheer volume of corruption
The 2G scam has rocked the telecom ministry in the Indian government, and even the Indian Prime Minister has taken a flak from the Supreme Court. The amount of Rs 1,76,000 crore which the exchequer lost due to the 2G scam is mind boggling. The Commonwealth Games last year became a game of corruption with the whole international media being witness to the ‘tamasha’ going on. This has brought India widespread negative publicity and shame all over the world. It’s time to reclaim OUR pride from these looters.

3. Gandhi’s dream

Corruption is everywhere

Corruption is everywhere

Gandhi did not only dream of an Independent India, but also an India free of poverty. He dreamt of an India of equal opportunities to one and all, and equal right to justice irrespective of one’s social standing. Now our politicians, bureaucrats and babus ask for and take bribes openly sitting in a room with Gandhi’s portrait hanging there. It’s time we realize why we call Gandhi the Father of the Nation, and what we all owe to him, our Independence. Go ask your grandparents what it was living in an India which was not free. Just as a child can never repay his parents for showering him/her with life, we can never repay our freedom fighters what they have given us, our Independence. It is time we demand OUR Independence from corruption.

4. We live in a democracy
In the last few months, we have seen public protests uprooting governments in Islamic dictatorship nations of Tunisia and Egypt. These were countries where such mass protests are not allowed by law, but they could not stop people to get out of their homes for change. In our country, we are bestowed with a system to register our protest with the government under law. We have a moral obligation to go out and demand what is rightfully ours. It is also our duty as model citizens to put brakes on this practice of corruption which is eating our country from the inside. It is time for CHANGE.

5. The Future
I have always believed that this world is something we have borrowed from our next generations and before going we have to return it back to them. We should ought to return it back better than we inherited it. This was the vision every great mind has been inspired for. Gandhi dreamt for a free India for us. He himself lived only a few months in a free India before being assassinated. Many freedom fighters didn’t even see an Independent India when they died. They died for us. They struggled for us. Similarly, it is the future of a corruption free India which we have to see. In our vision, in our dreams, for our children and grand children. We have to get inspired from the dream of our future generations living in a just society. It is time to STAND for that dream.

We Indians do for our children what no other country or society does. Our parents sacrificed a lot for this future of ours which they saw back then. We will do the same for our children. We don’t want them to ask us later that – Why did you not give me education? Why did you not give me values to stand in this world? Let them not ask us – Why did not YOU leave me a just and equal society to live in?

It is time to hear that question NOW. It is time to STAND UP. It is time to WALK for the FUTURE.

What is Dandi March 2?

Dandi March II

Dandi March II

For all those who can recall their history lessons in school, Dandi March was a 24 day, 240 mile (390 km) march to produce salt without paying the tax. It is also known as Salt Satyagraha, led by Gandhi from his Sabarmati Ashram to the sea coast near Dandi. Dandi March was a very important part of the Indian Independence Movement. It was a non-violent protest against the British monopoly of salt in India, and it triggered the Civil Disobedience Movement later. It was done from 12 March to April 6, 1930.

Now, 81 years have passed as I write this today on 11 March 2011. We have been independent for over 63 years now, and economically independent for 20 years (since the 1991 economic reforms). But we are still not free socially. We are still not the India that Gandhiji dreamt of. An India without poverty and hunger, an India where everybody has equal opportunity to lead the kind of lives they want. We are still not free from corruption, which is one of the most menacing problems India faces in the 21st century. The Adarsh Society scam, Commonwealth Games scam and the 2G scam have rocked the nation in the recent months, causing the loss of over 60 billion dollars.

Dandi March 2 is a march organized by a group of NRIs living in the United States of America inspired by the original march by Gandhiji. It is a 240 mile walk in the US against corruption in India from 12 March to 26 March 2011. Starting at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park, San Diego, California March 12, “Dandi March II” goes through Los Angeles and ends March 26 at Gandhi Statue, San Francisco. The dates coincide with the dates Gandhi did his historic march in 1930. Every major city in US, 10 cities in India and 8 other countries are organizing support events on 26 March to extend their support for the full 240 mile walk in US. The agenda is to push the government to enact Jan Lokpal Bill which is drafted to free India from the clutches of corruption by social activists like Kiran Bedi, Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, etc.

The 240 mile Dandi March was done in 1930

The 240 mile Dandi March was done in 1930

The support events on 26 March are being organized in cities like Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kakinada, Kolkata, Nagpur, Mumbai, Varanasi and Ahmedabad. In the US, Indians are walking in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, New Jersey, Washington DC and Seattle, apart from the main march from San Diego to San Francisco. Internationally, support marches are happening in London, Singapore, Finland, Germany, etc. More information about the event can be found at http://www.dandimarch2.org. The route details for the full march can be found here and all the event details for different cities can be found here.

The facebook page for the march is http://www.facebook.com/DandiMarch2?sk=info where you can find all the important information about the march. The Bangalore support march on 26 March can be seen at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=194657080556635 Accept the event invite to do your bit for a corruption free India. We are walking around 15 kms in Bangalore, join us for 1km, 2km, 5km or whatever is comfortable to you.

Dandi March 2 has already gathered the attention of media and some media coverage links are below –