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5 Ways to Have Great Relationships with People Who Matter

Below are 5 simple ways to have great relationships with people in your life who...

Keeping Faith Takes Courage

Around two years ago, I wrote an article on the No comments / Read More

Four Paths we Should Follow but Not Go Too Far and Where to Draw the Line (The Balanced Man)

There are some traits we should all have – like being helpful, confident, proud and...


Why I don’t believe in personal / professional divide?

Throughout my career, I have never believed in keeping separate lives for personal and professional...

Not Listening to, or Moving Forward Despite the word NO Thrown at You

One side effect of being an entrepreneur is that you stop hearing the word “NO“....


तेरे प्यार के असर की कहानी

तेरे गालो की यह लाली
मेरे दिल पे वार करे है कितने ।

बड़ा मजा आये मुझे – II

घर आके तेरा चहरा देखने में
रोज़ तेरे साथ बाते करने में

ऐसा पहले होता ना था (Aisa Pahle Hota Na Tha)

तुझपे इतना प्यार आएगा ,
ऐसा कभी सोचा ना था
खुद को भी...

ऐसी है मेरी बहना

थोड़ी चंचल थोड़ी नटखट
मेरी बहन का क्या कहना
प्यारी लगे जिसकी हर...

A Walk Around Paris (A poem)

History culture and pride
All of it you will notice…
What is better...

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