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I have called myself a software engineer, an entrepreneur, a writer, a photographer, etc over the last 10 years. But when I reflect I think I am just a simple human being at first trying to make sense of our complex world – just like everyone else.

My main aim in life is to live my life on my own terms while refusing to be sucked into the life society and my well-wishers want me to have. “Deploy Yourself” is my message which can be seen in my leadership, coaching, writings, and my photography. It is a motto or formula I have developed over the last decade of leading people, doing multiple trainings, reflecting deeply on my experiences, and reading hundreds of books. I refuse to be deployed by others and am on a journey to find, discover, craft and deploy my most authentic self.


Born in 1983, I was brought up in Janak Puri and Uttam Nagar areas of Delhi, India. My mother was always the backbone at home, and my father is a simple self made man, and I must have seen him starting or working in least 15-20 different businesses. They are my biggest inspirations in life, and everything I have in life today I owe it to them. I now live in Amsterdam while my father and brother live in Vikas Puri, New Delhi. My mother passed away after battling cancer for 9 years in 2012, but not before giving such a fight that often left doctors astonished and we amazed at her incredible inner strength.

I did my schooling from New Delhi, and later my engineering from Jaipur in Rajasthan. When I graduated in 2005, I was a total techie living on a diet of software and computers. Over time, this passion led me to Bangalore and entrepreneurship with a couple of failed attempts at it. But with a lot of learnings for the future. I also dabbled in social activism for a while.

Once I had some free time after losing all interest in entrepreneurship when my mother passed away, I started reading, traveling and photographing. Over the last 5 years I have traveled extensively in India and Europe, where I moved in late 2014 for work. I live in Amsterdam now, where I discovered my long lost connection with a camera. I started using my camera as a tool to lose myself in, and photography as a medium to express myself.

Today, I am a based in Amsterdam and working on Parallel Cities – a project to bring out the joy of living in cities. You can read all about it, and enjoy some stunning images at http://www.sumit4allphotography.com



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