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Let us Walk

Working hard all day,
We all earn whatever we do!
Every month we get our pay,
Where it goes do we have any clue?

A big part is deducted as tax,
To be used to run the country!
While we sit back and relax,
Our money becomes a mystery!!

It is meant to be spent on the needy,
And to build roads, bridges and dams!!
Instead it fills the pockets of the greedy,
Leading to frauds, rackets and scams!!

How long will we be silent,
Till when can we shut our eyes?
Its time to stop acting decent,
Like the phoenix let us all rise!!

Let us be a little mad,
Nothing wrong in being angry!
All our money if we add,
Can feed all who are hungry!!

It is time to rise from our sleep,
And demonstrate we will take no more!
They have burnt our pockets deep,
This is our time to show them the door!!

Together if we all stand,
We can give them a big shock!
So holding hand in hand,
Let us walk, let us WALK!!

Dandi March II against corruption

Dandi March II - in more than 50 cities on 26 March

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  1. super !!!! you are so talented and the cause is enhanced by your writings/poetry and your commitment !!!