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I have been writing since the January of 2010 on this site. After struggling to write regularly in the whole of 2010, I have now actually started to enjoy my writing. It helps me to draw out my thoughts and clear up my mind. I generally write about issues which I face in the day to day lives, whether it is about politics, sports, entrepreneurship, society or my life philosophy in general. I write articles mostly, but also try my hand at poetry sometimes.

Many of my articles and poems have been very well received by the readers and shared pretty extensively over the social media. It is always good to know that your article is being used as a reference for knowing more about a topic, and it has happened with a few of my articles about politics and entrepreneurship. One of the poems I wrote for organ donation has been adopted by the Gift Your Organ Foundation and they begin every document with my poem, “I want to live forever“.

Although I am behind schedule, I am writing my first book. I expect it to be over by the end of 2012, and right now I am about 10% done on that front. Watch this space for regular updates on the status of the book.



Although I would be the first to admit that I have stage fright like most human beings, many of my readers have suggested that I try my hand at motivational and informative speeches in the areas I write about and feel comfortable at. So I am openly declaring here that I am open to any speaking engagements if someone would be interested in hosting me. I think I would do a good job in the areas of technology, lessons from entrepreneurship and other past mistakes, and my philosophy on how I live my life and a few tricks and hacks I use to resolve difficult seeming situations.


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