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I want to live forever

This poem is inspired by an initiative “Gift your Organ” taken by my friend Sameer Dua who has taken this initiative for promoting the cause of Organ Donation.

Gift Your Organ

Gift Your Organ

I live for the bigger perspective,
Yet I enjoy the pleasure of each breath!
But when I see in the long term,
The only thing common is called death!!

I enjoy each and every moment I live,
And I like this journey to end never!
If you ask me my one wish,
I will say I want to live forever!!

To feel all the love and joy in this world,
All I have to do is open my eyes!
After death give mine to someone blind,
For I don’t want to miss the morning sunrise!!

A glance from a girl can turn on my heart,
Makes it beat and tells me I am still alive!
After death give mine to someone in need,
If not mine, another journey it will revive!!

When I die I don’t want you to shed tears,
For still alive are my eyes, heart, and liver!
Instead smile and give them to the needy,
For through others, I want to live forever!!

You can support him by joining the cause below —

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  1. This is such a FANTASTIC poem!! I am really really touched by the lovely words in the poem.. I can feel every emotion with which you have written this poem and I am simply moved by this..
    Many thanks Sumit..

  2. Hey!
    Its wow!Nice and standard words I appreciate it to a great extent,amazing and what not.