When I passed out of engineering college in 2005, I was a pure techie and doing a business was the last thing on my mind. But life had other plans. Just one year into my job, I thought that earning money is not so difficult, so why not work for ourselves. So I launched in Jan 2007 and in Aug 2007. After running SaleRaja for over a year, I realized making money is not that easy either 🙂

In Dec 2009, as SaleRaja was not going anywhere, I decided to take a break from entrepreneurship and joined Yahoo in March 2010. But the bug to ‘do something extra‘ was not going to die out as I started feeling restless with all the newly found free time. So I started writing regularly and took part in some social initiatives. Later in Nov 2011, I started as a separate blog for cricket related content, but that idea soon transformed into a possible business opportunity, and I quit Yahoo in Jan 2012 to work on it full-time. Maybe it is time to revive SaleRaja again too..

To sum it up my various attempts at doing a business over the years have been –

  • (Launched in Jan 2007, realized within six months it is not going to be as hugely viral and successful as we dreamed about)
  • (Launched in Aug 2007, and scaled it up to pretty decent traffic levels by Dec 2009, but couldn’t generate any revenues out of it.)
  • (Started writing articles and poems regularly)
  • (Launched as a blog in Nov 2012, a fully revamped website for cricket fans will be launched in April)
  • part II – I guess it is time to give SaleRaja another shot, with my learnings from last time and experience in whatever I have done in the last two years.

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