I sent YOU !!

I knew a young man,
Energetic and ambitious!
He grew up in struggle,
Like in mud grows a lotus!!

He had big dreams for himself,
And ahead he went with full steam!
But he always used to wonder,
Why the world is so extreme??

At times he saw people confused,
Worrying about what ‘all‘ to eat?
Yet at other times he saw the poor,
Wondering about ‘what‘ to eat??

He could never understand,
How could this be even possible?
If all are children of the same God,
How can one, and other not be special??

He used to think in disbelief,
Why doesn’t God do anything?
If he has all the power,
For what is he waiting??

One night in his dream he saw God,
He asked how can this be true?
There is so much misery around,
Why doesn’t He come to the rescue??

God said He has done his work,
The man asked, “What did you DO?”
To this God laughed and said,
“Can’t you see my child, I sent YOU !!”

Start, even if it is just YOU

There is life, and there is death,
Lets make the most of every breath!
One moment you live, next you die,
Laugh often, but never you cry!!

When you feel alone,
Just look into the sky!
Enjoy life in the unknown,
And aim for a new high!!

When you face a challenge,
You can give up, or you can try!
Be brave and take the plunge,
Who knows, maybe you can fly!!

Each day you meet new people,
Some will say Hi, and some Bye!!
As life plays itself in a circle,
Enjoy it fully, no need to ask why??

The grass is green, the sky blue,
And the road is always nearby!
Each dream you must pursue,
Start, even if it is just YOU!!