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Be Brave

A poem depicting the need to be brave, even in toughest of situations, and how the world salutes them who act bravely. Also read this poem of mine on the similar lines – “Start, even if it’s just YOU”

Bravery is being the only one who knows you're afraid.

Bravery is being the only one who knows you're afraid.

We all face tough situations,
Some are routine, some grave!
But you always have a choice,
To do the usual, or to act brave!!

Doing right requires courage,
It decides how you act and behave!
Even when it goes against the norm,
You can be strong and act brave!!

Not many will support you,
For people will hate your guts!
Don’t let them bother you,
For they are only frustrated bigots!!

Cruel words and taunts you might face,
But always remember you have a bold heart!
By acting strong you have shown the way,
Don’t let any doubts and fears tear you apart!!

By choosing the route less common,
You have taken a stand like a hero!
Their arrows can’t pierce your skin,
Your tough soul can take many a blow!!

For all those used to exploiting others,
Your stand have sent a strong shockwave!
Let them blabber in their false sense of pride,
For there are others who salute you for being brave!!

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  1. My first time and a good start..beautifully penned down..Yes it is our choice to at brave or not..i totally agree