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My Cricket Collages Collection

As I mentioned before, I started cutting out the photos, scorecards and statistics from newspapers and magazines and sticking them in a file in the form of picture collages. Very soon, the pages started to pile up, and I decided to put them in binders. I still have 3 such big binders with my collages at home, although the pages have turned yellow after almost 13-14 years.

Due to this collection, I have images and records of that era which are sometimes difficult to find online even today. I am glad today I spend so much time doing all this, which if is so much fun seeing them now, imagine how much fun it would be to create them! I am also glad that my mom didn’t threw them away during the 4 years I was in Jaipur after school and in the last 6 years of my professional career, when I was mostly in Noida and Bangalore.

You can see the full screen slideshow here..

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