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The Top Three Tragic Myths of the Times we Live in

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”, said Albert Einstein. Taking this notion forward, this article of mine is going to dwell upon why life itself is a myth, and how each one of us is driven by some ‘absolute‘ truths that are nothing more than widely accepted myths. These myths drain the life out of our days and take us onto paths of mediocrity and obscurity. Below are the top three such myths I think we all encounter in everyday life. (Give them some time to sink in, as they very well might be absolute truths for you.)

You Have to Work to Survive
The biggest myth of our times is ‘having to work‘ to earn a living for surviving. Right from our birth, everything is setup to create this illusion. Our education system, the college system, all the news and shows on TV and the movies we watch. As we grow up, this myth becomes very ‘real‘ for us. The only thing from our childhood which we term as illusions are the cartoons we watch. Did you ever wonder why everyone loves cartoons?

There is a common misconception that work is necessary. Over decades and centuries, every rock is chipped away into sand and dust. Work does the same to our lives and souls. Day by day, hour by hour, our work chips us away into disintegration. If somebody tells you they are “making a living“, they can’t be more wrong. They are dying, fast spending whatever little time they have doing things out of compulsion rather than the pure desire of doing it.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” - Confucius

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” - Confucius

Instead, PLAY. Go out and do what you want. Find something you love doing, something you are passionate about. Many people say they don’t know their passion or hobbies, or they have not discovered them yet. Here is a formula – Look into your life, and the things you do for which you pay others are your hobbies and passions, and for which you get paid and compelled to do is work. DO NOT spend the vast majority of your life working so that you can play in the end. The end which might never come, or which might be tomorrow itself, for all you know.

Planning and Living for the Future
We live in a world where insurance and pension policies, investments, education, business, almost everything is done with an objective to achieve something in the future. Utter non-sense! Who gave you the guarantee that you will not die tomorrow, next week or next month? What made you believe that you are going to die at 70 or 80, and not at 20 or 30 or 40. If you don’t believe it, read and watch the news. People are dying everyday at all ages. The average age might be 70 or 80, but ask yourself – Do you really want to live your life based on a statistic?

Instead, LIVE NOW. Enjoy whichever phase of life you are in. Be in each day fully, rather than counting the days in your life. Live your life in a way that you are satisfied even if you die tomorrow, or the next second. Make every breath count. Don’t wait for tomorrow if you want to fall in love, travel to your dream destination, or eat that favorite ice-cream of yours. Do it NOW. Fall in LOVE with life, not just with a few selected people, things and ideas. Whether you make 1 grand or 1 million, whether you live in an apartment or a mansion, embrace life fully NOW and don’t let your goals and milestones in life decide the level of your happiness or joy.

Control and Consistency
The next biggest myth we base our lives on is aiming for control and consistency. We plan and build systems, processes and organize things to make our lives more comfortable and cozy. That we can control life is the biggest lie that we tell ourselves. Life, by its very nature, is messy and unpredictable. It is not fair and nobody is entitled to get anything out of it. In school, if you study more, you get more marks and vice versa. The same doesn’t hold true in life. The sooner we realize this the better. Good and bad things will happen to you. Your education, job, country you live in, or any other parameter which gives you the illusion of safety, is a very bad armor against life.

Instead, be FREE from the controls. Embrace the uncertainty of life and experience real FREEDOM. Go out and play. Learn a new language, take a new job, live in different countries and experience and soak in different cultures, write, paint, or do anything else that drives you towards life rather than draining the life out of you. Don’t try to be nice or do what is expected. Don’t live for the gallery. For a change, LIVE for YOURSELF. Let yourself be misunderstood, hated, judged or whatever, but live by your convictions. It is better to be assassinated by another human being than being assassinated by death.

Our thoughts (and idea of reality) shape our circumstances. It is like watching the same movie again and again. If we want to play a different movie in our life, we have to change the cassette. And rejecting the above myths might be the first step for it. Thoughts arise in the mind, and we become aware of them. But over time, we stop seeing them as thoughts and see them as reality. Therefore, we never stop to question its reality.

Life is a mirage. An earing and a bangle are both made out of gold. But our thoughts make them an earing and a bangle, in essence both are only gold. Yet we only term what we see while asleep as dreams and not what we see while awake. In essence, both are illusions created by our senses. In the night many times we get scared of an insect or a rat, but when we switch on the light they are just objects lying around. But our senses gave them an illusion of an insect or a rat. Everything in life, our riches, our troubles, our possessions are illusions and a mirage created by the mind – and we must never loose sight of that.

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  1. Awesome write up on today’s life Sumit…You have so much clarity of thought 🙂
    It did compel me to think about everything ( all myths :)) and I realized yes,things should always start from within and self instead of society,ppl around us and money matters ..