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My weekly tweets archive for the week ending 2011-05-30

  • Thank God Its Monday… The day you start loving your Mondays and waiting for it, you know you are living life!! #
  • Laws control the lesser man. Right conduct controls the greater one. -Chinese proverb #
  • An old article, wrote this about a year ago.. #
  • "It is not length of life, but depth of life." – Ralph Waldo Emerson #
  • You might have read many stories, but not one like this… See how Uday Bhai is creating a new culture of giving!!… #
  • Is your strength stopping you to do something? #
  • All set to start working on my book from next month… Targeting to complete it in two years 🙂 #
  • How your strength can become a barrier? Read on in my latest article… #
  • If – by Rudyard Kipling #
  • Finished reading "The 8th Habit" by Stephen Covey.. Very insightful… Certainly needs one more reading to grasp it fully!! #
  • The dilemma of life.. read on.. #
  • "He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life." – Ralph Waldo Emerson #
  • Please recycle Batteries. Canon Service Center on Brigade Road, recycles batteries. AA, AAA, C, D, car batteries,… #
  • You can manage time, manage money and other resources, but you cannot manage people. You have to LEAD them…… #
  • Who decides what you can do and what you can't? I hope it is you #
  • Watching an IPL match after a long time 🙂 #
  • Working on a poem, just rejected the first draft after negative feedback by a few people.. Thanks for the… #
  • The best way to tell someone you don't like them is to text them "370HSSV 0773H" and tell them to read it upside down. #
  • Problems grab us where we are weak. They're a call to get strong & master that area of our life. -Tony Robbins #
  • All my tweets from last week #
  • Failure is good, and other life lessons from failure #

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