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The Beauty of Paris

Paris is often called the “most beautiful”, “most romantic” and the “most artistic” city in the world and I can testify that it did not disappoint us (me and Snneha) when we visited Paris for 8 days last month. When talking about Paris and beauty, it is something very difficult to describe in an article, yet I am going to try. If I have to sum Paris up in one word, it would be “SPECTACULAR”..
Eiffel at Night

Eiffel at Night



What makes Paris spectacular?

Everything about Paris is artistic, so well designed that you can’t believe some of the details. The perfect blend of modern technology with art with the keen attention to detail – from the Eiffel Tower to every croissant or cappuccino or chocolate you treat yourself with in its numerous roadside cafes.
Things which we take for granted, and won’t even notice in our own cities are designed with so much attention to detail that will make you stop and stare at them in astonishment. The exact same design of the branches of each tree on Paris streets makes you astonish in wonder – Is that by design? Details, details and details – they are not overlooked in Paris and that is what makes the experience so magical.
If you are a food lover, the choices you will find on Paris streets are endless. From the coffee to the chocolate to the croissants to the cheese, you will be left asking for more every time. The patisseries, the bakeries, the wine shops and open markets all add to its charm. And you can’t leave Paris without tasting their crepes.
Fashion in Paris

Fashion in Paris


While heading back to the airport, we decided to go via the Metro and RER. At the interchange, we had 3 big bags of luggage to tug along the many different staircases on the Metro station. At each and everyone of these, we found a local Parisian who voluntarily (without asking) picked one of our suitcases and carried it over the stairs for us. That speaks more than anything else.
Paris is a historical city, and how they have preserved their heritage and culture is a lesson to be learned by many other cities. The numerous museums, cathedrals, palaces are icons which are integral to what Paris is. It is not just the tourist attractions, even a glance at the hotels and apartment complexes around Paris will make you realise that there is something unique about them in the way they are designed and constructed.
Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral

Any description of Paris can be incomplete without Shopping and Fashion. Among the top 4 cities of the world for shopping (along with Milan, New York and London), it is home to numerous global brands like Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Chloe, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, L’Oreal and Sephora, among many others. You can notice the affinity for fashion among its citizens if you take a stroll across any Paris street. And it is not just the younger ones, and a sight sixty year old women in a mini-skirt and with make up all over their face is not uncommon at all.
More to follow..

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