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How Motorcycle Riding makes you Live in the Moment?

Motorcycle Riding is much more than an adventure activity. You get the adrenaline rush through bungee jumping as well as sky diving, but motorcycle riding, according to me, is a lot more than that. I have always loved traveling and I plan to travel as much as possible before my time runs out. But I am grateful that I started long distance touring on motorcycles, for it has been much more fun than simple traveling and adventure.

Riding a motorcycle literally forces you to live in the moment as you have to be focused and alert all the time. It gives you the freedom from your daily tensions and trivial issues putting you at peace with yourself. If you want to know why, compare motorcycle riding with other adventure sports. Even with bungee jumping and sky diving, you always have a safety net. A car also has a lot of safety features for the driver but in a motorcycle, it is much more risky and therefore it demands total and absolute attention of the rider.

As a rider, you have to be more alert as even a small mistake can lead to a big crash and severe injuries as you ride at high speeds on highways. Your reflexes must be very quick and any distraction from your daily life can be disastrous. Due to these conditions, you are forced to live in the moment, and forget about everything else, as the danger of death is very real. It feels like a state of bliss, where you are totally in the surroundings and you experience the wind, rains or the sun as the weather unfolds.

Never trade the thrills of living for the security of existence.

Never trade the thrills of living for the security of existence.

When you ride, you see vast open areas of land. Most of these are farms, some small hillocks or just plain barren lands. The serenity is broken only by a few restaurants and petrol pumps on the way. It kinds of clears your mind of all the unnecessary clutter which we allow to settle in our minds in our mundane routine. It is so peaceful when you see the rubber rolling on the tar and it feels like an escape. An escape where you can feel the chill in the air when you are in the ghats, where you can feel and get wet from every drop of rain, where you can see the sounds of various animals as you ride through the jungle, and where you can smell the scent of every tree and flower on the way. I can say that when I ride, I feel more alive, I can feel my breathing, I can feel myself once again.

So every now and then, I get onto my bike and ride out of the city. To leave behind all the tensions and so-called problems which accumulate in our daily lives. Getting onto my bike unsettles this dust and clears my mind so that instead I can focus on the only thing that matters, which is the current moment.

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