Don’t ask How? Ask Why?

A man was working on his laptop when his mother asked him “Do you want some coffee, I am making for myself?”

“No, mother. I am busy” came the reply.

“Doing what?”

“I am looking at some tips for how to write a book”.

“Ok. Then what will you do.”, the mother asked, looking lost by his software engineer son’s desire to write a book.

“Ah.. I have some vacations coming up too in December. I want to travel outside the country this time. I need to find out how to travel the maximum and see the most places in those 7 days of vacation.”

“But why?”, enquired his mother.

 "There are no right answers to wrong questions." - Ursula K. Le Guin

“There are no right answers to wrong questions.” – Ursula K. Le Guin

“Why what?”, the man shot back.

“Why are you writing a book? Why do you want to travel outside the country? And Why do you want to visit a lot of places in 7 days?”

“Hmmm, never thought about it this way”, the man said.

“Then think now. Replace the ‘how‘ in your questions with ‘why‘ and see what happens.” His mom said, explaining further, “The hows will give you answers too, but the whys will give powerful insights about what you really want…”

Like in the above story, we also live most our days trying to figure out how to do this, how to do that? Even when we meet people, we ask them – How did you become popular? How did you get into this job? and so on. If we were to replace the hows with whys, we would get a real peek into who we really are and what do we actually desire. Just changing the hows to whys can make a lot of difference in our lives.


It is happening now,
Don’t know what, don’t know how?
I feel happy, but sometimes I cry
I want to know, why??

Of all pains, the greatest pain,   Is to love, and to love in vain. - George Granville

Of all pains, the greatest pain, Is to love, and to love in vain. - George Granville

Even though I met you today,
It feels you are far far away?
I am not drunk, yet I am high
I want to ask, why??

Your beauty is like a vast ocean,
Being with you is like dying in slow motion!
Now these feelings I can’t deny,
Can somebody please tell me why??

Am I dead, or am I still alive,
In this battle, how do I survive?
I want to jump, I want to fly
Can anybody tell me, why??

Eyes open or shut, only you I see,
Whatever this is, it is new for me!
To you, I never want to say goodbye
Just tell me, why??

You are messing with my head,
Often it feels like I am already dead?
I wonder if I am the same old guy,
What magic are you doing, and why??

Nothing excites me anymore,
My mind thinks only of you I swore!
I want to look straight into your eye,
And find answers to my every why??

I sent YOU !!

I knew a young man,
Energetic and ambitious!
He grew up in struggle,
Like in mud grows a lotus!!

He had big dreams for himself,
And ahead he went with full steam!
But he always used to wonder,
Why the world is so extreme??

At times he saw people confused,
Worrying about what ‘all‘ to eat?
Yet at other times he saw the poor,
Wondering about ‘what‘ to eat??

He could never understand,
How could this be even possible?
If all are children of the same God,
How can one, and other not be special??

He used to think in disbelief,
Why doesn’t God do anything?
If he has all the power,
For what is he waiting??

One night in his dream he saw God,
He asked how can this be true?
There is so much misery around,
Why doesn’t He come to the rescue??

God said He has done his work,
The man asked, “What did you DO?”
To this God laughed and said,
“Can’t you see my child, I sent YOU !!”