Sometimes I wonder,

How much of our lives these days,

Are lived following the trends,

Which the society follows as a craze!!

Why do when people have to talk,

It is customary to go for a drink?

We land up somewhere too loud,

Where you can do anything but talk!!

Why is the Rs 50 coffee so popular,

The only thing is you can talk for hours!

What happened to sitting and eating,

At a place which we can call ours!!

Why doesn’t it pain to tip Rs 50-100,

At a high end hotel, restaurant or bar!

Then why does it pain to contribute,

The same amount for a good cause!!

And how much do we indulge in,

Pleasing our taste buds by mindless eating!

Do we no longer care, or do we lack,

The self-power to deny anything appealing!!

Why is it ‘cool’ to spend more,

At a place which is high end!

It is time to ask ourselves,

Do we live only to follow the trend!!

Its amazing how much of our lives,

Is affected/governed by outside influence!

God knows what happened to traits like,

Self-control, discipline, and abstinence!!