You Can’t Take Anything, but Can Give a Lot

What do we want in life,
A lot of money would be good!
For that will help us buy,
Clothes, cars and good food!!

A big house would also be nice,
With the best of interior decoration!
We want a nice green garden outside,
And a few guards at the gate of our mansion!!

We spend our whole life,
Chasing money for all these stuff!
But when we die we go alone,
LOL, for life has played its big bluff!!

It is fact we all go alone,
There is nothing ours to take away!
But there is a lot to give,
If we choose to look at life that way!!

We all have within us treasures,
Of love, kindness, joy and hope!
Our best resource is our smile,
Give it and nothing is out of scope!!

Giving love and joy never cost us,
Yet it enriches those who receive!
It creates happiness, joy and friends,
And it can cause miracles you won’t believe!!