Only if you knew!!

(As imagined by me from a lower class Indian kid, who is poor, illiterate, without a future, exploited and has no clue what to do. To the average middle class Indian who is educated, employed, and making his mark in the world)

The story of my struggles with life,
Never reaches you!
I will be glad only if you knew,
Maybe just a few!!

The numerous tears I have been shedding,
Never tells my story to you!
Only if you knew that I was the future,
Which was dreamt of by Nehru!!

That I use mud both for playing and hunger,
Never touches you!
Only if you could bring me some toys,
Red, green or blue!!

That I have to work as soon as I can,
Never jolts and scares you!
Only if you knew that millions,
Like me are waiting for a rescue!!

The distance between books and me,
Never might have bothered you!
Only if you could see my dreams,
Of going to school and having a guru!!

The jingling of the songs in my head,
Never reaches you!
Only if you could hear the music,
And dance a few steps, too!!

I am waiting for you to come,
To show me a future new!
Where I can play in colorful clothes,
Maybe even get a new hairdo!!

I jump in joy and smile when,
I believe my dreams can be true!
I am waiting for that day to come,
Only if you knew!!