In Love, All Over Again

(As imagined from a man willing to fall in love again with the girl of his dreams, even after loving her all life long.)


All Over Again

All Over Again

Every time I see you,
I feel I am going insane!
You make me want to,
Go and sing in the rain!!

I love hearing your voice,
Even if I have nothing to say!
It gives me a reason to rejoice,
Even if you are miles away!!

When your hand touches mine,
I feel a rush of blood to the head!
The feeling seems almost divine,
I can’t wait to see what’s ahead!!

There is no sight better,
Than seeing you smile!
The sound of your laughter,
Makes it all worthwhile!!

I know together we belong,
And a lot is ours to attain!
After loving you all lifelong,
I can fall for you all over again!!