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Wah Re India

We are the largest democracy,
With proud we proclaim this fact!
Our economic growth is big news,
As is the huge investments we attract!!

I absolutely love my country,
As it never fails to amaze me!
At times both tragic and amusing,
Its stories are nothing less than filmy!!

We can vote at age eighteen,
And elect our representative!
Yet we can’t drink below age 25,
Who can explain this law’s motive??

Everyday is an irony in India

Everyday is an irony in India

We have the right to free speech,
But isn’t it a grave misconception!
As public order, and even morality,
Can be grounds for police action!!

Among one of the basic human rights,
Is the right to peaceful & free assembly!
But the arbitrary use of Section 144,
Shows the government wants to be bossy!!

Millions go without food daily,
How can anyone miss the contrast?
When the govt. ignores the hungry,
And denies Anna the permission to fast !!

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  1. Agreed. What a shame!
    Bossy is too tame a word. It is “gundagardi” – in the words of my friend.

  2. Its not the laws that are stupid , its the law makers that are too smart.

  3. Thank you for an excellent piece of thought provoking and timely poem.Every one should contribute in today’s fight against corruption in their own ways and your contribution also will also be of high use.Efforts need to be made to publish such through PIECES THROUGH DIFFERENT MEDIA. I WISH the organizers of the movement INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION will make effort for this.