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The Beauty of Indian Monsoon

Kids enjoying the rains

Kids enjoying the rains

When the earth gets wet,
All sorrows when one forgets!
It is that time of the year again,
When you want to walk in the rain!!

When the fields are green,
Every face has a new sheen!
You will forget your every pain,
When clouds roar and it starts to rain!!

When the rivers rise and swell,
Tales of joy when everybody tells!
There is no dream you can’t attain,
When your spirit is inspired by the rain!!

When kids love to dance and play,
When all emotions are on display!
Nobody loses, and everybody gains,
The rainbow is above, and below it rains!!

When the young get romantic,
As the weather sings its latest lyric!
The mood is difficult to explain,
When the sky is grey, and it rains!!

Monsoon in India is not just a season,
To lips waiting to smile it gives a reason!
What it means to many is hard to explain,
It is best felt by getting drenched in the rain!!

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  1. What a beautiful poem….I too love the monsoon period. It’s an amazing season, and one is very fortunate if the rains happen to shower on you.

  2. Nice poem…i still remember my hostel days when I used to watch rain from my room window and our hostel canteen used to give pakoras with evening tea..just mesmerising memories 🙂

  3. Beautiful…i love rain, i love monsoons..i loved this poem so much 🙂

  4. Thankx to change my by this beautiful poem love u whoever has written this poem

  5. Very nice poem. My daughter is going to recite in school

  6. Wonderful. …I really liked it so much .it expresses my feelings