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Racism and Unity

It is after a long time I am writing a poem, and this is certainly my first since I started blogging. It follows below, read it and share your views as comments…

Our media say Aussies are attacking Indians,
But is racism really to blame…
In the race of getting more eyeballs and attention,
Isn’t it only a publicity game!!

Why do we forget to see,
What is happening in our own home?
When Shiv Sena hits out at fellow Indians,
It seems our unity and dignity are long gone…

Naxalites are killing policemen everyday,
Now active among 220 districts and 20 states..
Our armies might be one of the biggest,
But some problems are better solved with just opening our heart gates!

Is it not racism when we divide on caste,
Or hate a person for region or religion…
Why do we always forget that be it Biharis or Mumbaikars,
We are all part of the same legion!!

It is said every cloud has a silver lining,
And with the attacks on Indians down under…
Shiv Sena when they said would not allow Aussie players to play,
Saw the victims as Indians and not as Punjabis/Mumbaikars, which is a wonder!!

Whatever is happening to this country,
I can only pity…
We need to think that why it takes a disaster or calamity,
To bring us countrymen together in unity!!

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  1. Interesting comparison.. I don’t totally agree but it is right that we need to look inwards before pointing our fingers at others…

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