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Fast with Anna

He is going on a fast unto death,
Anna Hazare has declared!
Let us say with our every breath,
The corrupt will not be spared!!

We demand the Jan Lokpal Bill,
Will not settle for anything less!
Let them not test our will,
It is time our problems they redress!!

All of us have come together,
And fasting on 5th Apr/16th Aug in unity!
Sacrificing our meals for the future,
We demand retribution for the guilty!!

It is the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi,
And the Freedom Park in Bangalore!
Join the fast venue in your city,
To show you care, and will not ignore!!

Or fast at your workplace,
And wear a badge for the cause!
Invite others you see and face,
High time we replace the old laws!!

By fasting in every town and city,
It is time to make a statement!
By taking collective action we,
Will turn this fast into a movement!!

Fast in whichever city you are

Fast in whichever city you are

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  1. Enough is enough.Annaji has stirred indians’ soul at a right moment because nobody can bear above the face. We indians are with you till last. We will not withdraw untill we are not given with what we demand. What hell is going with the govt to accept the bill if they believe in democratic set up . Politicians are power mongers but they forget it that ultimate source of it is the people of india . Now they will have to yeild. Corruption in india is like a weed. Who tolerate weeds ? Nobody… So are we. Hazare ji march forward we are your true follower. Jai BHARAT

  2. I too join and ready to fight for the same.

  3. until now i dont know what is janlokpal bill thanks for ur informaton …….hatss off to anna hazare (modern gandhi of INDIA) ..i too would like to join in this movement …………….JAI HINDH



  5. uptill now i don’t know the importance of Janlokpal bill.
    if implemented in india definately it will be usefull for dovelopment of nation.
    But, i think so, it is not possible for implementing.

    it may be like Andhra Pradesh-Telangana Assurance.

    Because govt never complete their promises or assurance.

  6. Indians are got a chance under Anna’s Fast unto death to raise there rights agenist Correption.
    My dear indians don’t wait for some one this is your and you should get it at any cost.

  7. We are in Support of Anna! Gr8 Cause. Gr8 thoughts…. and srsly good effort by you Mr.Sumit Gupta, except that the poetry sounds more prose…

  8. Thanx dude for the information…..i mst say u really done a nice job…i am also supporting mr.Anna Hazare…..bcoz my passport has not yet been recieved and it is already 3months of my police verification…

  9. Every Indian should support for the JanLokpal bill. Now or never..we may not get another Anna Hazare. I wonder why more statesmen and intellectuals are not coming out openly to support Anna.

  10. Ei mere vatan ke NETAON zara aankh mein bhar lo pani jo shahid huye hai unki zara yaad karo kurbani

    –Jai Hind