in Life

You can Just Rust, Or…

You can just rust, or go out all guns blazing,
Maybe sing a song, or paint a painting!
Pick a new passion, or an old hobby to revive,
Just pass thru life, or really feel what it is to be alive?

You can just rust, but do you really want to?
With so many peaks waiting to be conquered by you!
Feel the wind hit you, let you be drenched by rain,
Hop on a bus to nowhere, or catch a train!!

You can just rust, but the whole world awaits you,
There are friends to cherish, and dreams to pursue!
With books to read, and music to hear,
What are you waiting for, oh my dear!!

If you rest, you rust - Helen Hayes

If you rest, you rust - Helen Hayes

You can just rust, but do remember,
Time will fly by, and take what it has to offer!
You will get old, and your joints will pain,
So go get it, for this day will not come again!!

You can just rust, but this is your only life,
Open those blinds, or tear the curtains with a knife!
Let the world know, you lived to the fullest,
Let those be proud, who stood and witnessed !!

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  1. Hi Sumit,

    Really touching…, You really have a huge power in penning,

    Keep going…