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Why God made Mothers?

Let me tell you a story,
Which is played in every home!
About an angel who lives among us,
Whether it is Delhi, Paris or Rome!!

You may ask who is she,
Who fills our lives with sunshine!
Close your eyes and just say,
She is the wonderful mother of mine!!

For I can bet that,
When you did close your eyes!
What you felt was,
The joy of the strongest of all ties!!

We will always be a child to her,
Though she has seen us grow fivefold!!
If we follow the tears she shed for us,
It will lead to her heart of gold!!

We work all week long,
And always cherish our Sundays!
But the most ungrateful job is hers,
For she choses not to take any off days!!

The wonderful days of childhood,
We would do anything for a recap!
I will tell you one way you could,
Just sleep again in your mother’s lap!!

When God created the world he knew,
Every time he can’t come to the rescue!
He could foresee the future horrors,
And that’s why He made Mothers!!

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  1. Sumit – this is fantastic! You really write very well..

  2. Gr8 tribute to all mothers…the sunshine of everyones life…just love the way u captured it so beautifully 🙂