in Life

We walk for change!!

It was a sight to see,
And a moment to experience!
Just a walk, nothing fancy,
When people walked out of conscience!!

Flagged off by a freedom fighter,
We took a route embedded in history!
400 awake citizens walked together,
On a day which was hot and sunny!!

The heat was no match to our will,
For we were united against corruption!
We marched for the Jan Lokpal Bill,
And demanded it for the whole nation!!

We walked for change

We walked for change

There were people across cultures,
Students & professionals, young and old!
Seeking punishment for the vultures,
A new age dawns, this is the threshold!!

Four hours and eleven kilometers,
Posters, slogans and the flying tricolor!
The knife of the money launderers,
Will not be allowed to go any deeper!!

Many joined us on the way,
Knowing the end is far, but in range!
Our country you will not betray,
We walk in peace, but for change!!

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  1. Right words to capture the sentiments of the people participating in the march and of many others.

  2. It was hot and sunny in Bengaluru, it was rainy and cold in San Francisco. Dandi March II connected all of us.

  3. Anna Hazare is the panacea for all the maladies our dear country is facing. Let us hope that no amount of temptation or fear will budge him from the right path he has adopted. As a Gandhian he and all those who support his move must now be ever ready to ignore any amount of calumny thrown on their images by writers like Joseph Lelyveld and Shobha De. Let us hope that the Gandhian instrument of Satyagraha that moved the British government would now move the Congress government also, and the Gandhi governing Congress would also be awakened to appreciate the reason propounded by the Gandhian leader.