in Life

She is a Woman

We blame her for being emotional,
And we make fun when she cry!
But we forget she is the reason,
Most times our face is lit up by a smile!!

We have never given her ,
The place in society she deserved!
Yet she makes sure that everyone,
Feels taken care of and loved!!

We often blame her,
When she gets mad for small things!
It’s only due to her knack for perfection ,
That many a men have prospered like they have wings!!

We say we don’t like it,
When she disrupts our game of soccer!
But lets be honest and acknowledge,
We love it when she growls in anger!!

We want her to love us,
Like we are Salman Khan!
While Salman has six packs to show,
Our belly resembles the sand dunes of Rajasthan!!

We often wonder,
Can’t she ever be quiet?
But to hear her voice when away,
We can keep everything aside!!

She is like the sudden rain,
Will make you wet, but with a tinge of warmth!!
We can say how much she loves us,
But can never really understand its depth!!

Because no matter how much,
We take pride in being a man!!
She is a woman my dear friend,
She is a Woman!!

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  1. beautiful ! i like it when a man acknowledges a woman! commendable 🙂

  2. hey Sumit…kya baat hai.. kya baat hai ..just wonderful…u’ve touched just the right strings…and well what can I say more …with all this feelings u’ll be The Man in a woman’s life…Amen!

  3. Love flowing… Somebody in your mind:-)… very nice man… keep going.