in Life

She is my dearest

She was like a breeze,
Put my senses to freeze!
When her smile was felt,
My cold heart just melt!!

She opened her mouth to speak,
I fell for the dimple in her cheek!
The words came out as roses,
I could cherish them for ages!!

Her hair were as soft as silk,
Her eyes as white as milk!
When her sun like face glowed,
It felt like even time had slowed!!

She was like a sweet angel,
Everything about her was noble!
She came like a sudden downpour,
What had hit me I wasn’t sure!!

Her spirit was infectious,
Her heart the most spacious!
The soul of hers was the purest,
In no time she was my dearest!!

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  1. His would be daughter.
    aise hi khayal aate hain bandon ko ek umar ke baad 😛

    vaise poem is very cute. can direct it to destined destination. would work.

  2. A nicely written poem for someone special 🙂 May I know who is the lucky one ?

  3. I have read this before, but reading again was as refreshing as the first time.
    Hope you get all good things in life.
    All the best!!!
    P.S. Have you altered this from the original one.