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Love and Hate – Is it OK?

How can I hate you?
When I also know I love you?
I know you are not bad,
But then why do you make me mad?

You once made me wanna fly?
Now why do you make me cry?
You once felt like the sweet smell of rain,
Then why do you now give so much pain?

I hate myself for hating you,
The love or hate – which one is true?
All this sadness, anger and fear,
Can’t you see, can’t you hear?

What is right, what is wrong?
Am I supposed to act strong?
But here I am – lost again..
Is it OK? or am I going insane?

How apt?

How apt?

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  1. with so much “me” , love certainly isn’t true 😛 . Well written Sumit, nicely brought out the pain a ‘lover’.