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Dreams of childhood

Bade Hoke Kya Banoge?” is I think the question kids have to answer the most. Childhood is the time when you can imagine and dream of anything. Nothing seems out of your reach and everything looks possible. And better still, nobody frowns at you when you state your wish.

I too dreamed of becoming an astronaut, a scientist, a cricketer, a police officer, and who knows what!! Of course, nobody told me the kind of physics you need to master to become a scientist. I could not handle the physics of class XI alone and my scientist dreams went down the drain. Astronaut is something which I think most kids dream of becoming. But you need to be a scientist first to do so, and you might have to wait all your life for an opportunity to actually go into space. Things look so good and easy on TV…..

In India, who does not dream of becoming a cricketer? So did I. And I was quite serious despite being a pretty poor player. I used to go play on weekends apart from street cricket almost every day. I tried for trials once for the school team but could not get through. I tried for cricket coaching at a sports complex near my place, but could not continue after a few days due to studies and all…

Indian movies sometime wants you become a police officer, not knowing police officers in India are the bad guys and not the good guys as shown in movies. Well, such are childhood dreams. Wild in imagination and endless in possibilities. For most students, these wild dreams change to more realistic dreams of becoming an engineer, a doctor or a CA during the last years of school.

Share with me what all you wanted to become as a kid. How wild were your imaginations?

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