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Crossing the Road

When one crosses a road,
It’s a triumph over a challenge!
In few steps hope is echoed,
Inspiring others to take a plunge!!

Roads get crossed everyday,
By people like me and you!
Many will follow the way,
But lead shall only a few!!

Have you rested too much,
Then why not begin to play?
It’s time to leave the crutch,
And see what is far far away!!

Riding on the shoulders of hope,
And dancing under the blue sky!
Jump holding on to destiny’s rope,
And even gravity we shall defy!!

Lets leap into a dream land,
Where nothing is impossible!
It is time for all of us to stand,
To fight for and win our battle!!

On the way hardships might arise,
If you think you can’t take the load!
Just close your eyes and visualize,
The sight of a man crossing a road!!

Take hope from smallest of acts

Take hope from the smallest of acts

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  1. Very nice boy!
    If you had a Shelley or Tennyson affixed to your name, this poem would have been in school syllabus.
    Inspiring with depth.

  2. Really very inspiring…good read on “Monday morning”…keep it up!