in Life

Being a Woman, A privilege

A girl
Being born among us mortals,
On every step
You spread joy like angels!

Facing challenges
Many which only you can handle,
In dark times
You are the one to light a candle!

Amazing are your levels of energy,
In hard times
You feed others while staying hungry!

Cheering others
Even when you’re having an off day,
Doing your best
You make sure everything will be okay!

You spread in the world around you,
With time
You hold people together like a glue!

Is your love to friends and family,
Every storm you
Take us through calmly & bravely!

And beyond is where you function,
Because you
Have the privilege of being a woman!

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  1. brilliant..thank you so very much on behalf of every woman who is going to read it….:)