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5 Tips to Keep yourself motivated

Want to wake up early for a jog, want to write on your blog more frequently, want to change a job, or want to learn something new. Motivation is one thing you will need the most to get you started and then to keep you going. So how to keep yourself motivated, day after day, and week after week.

There are some rules which have worked for me over the years to keep yourself motivated. I am going to mention them below :

1. One Liners – Motivational Quotes have worked wonders for me. You can find them around me everywhere. I have a quotations booklet at home, there is a one liner as my status message on chat networks and social networking sites, I have registered to many RSS feeds of motivational quotes and one liners. One Liners are great to say and make a great example to follow. Just read a book of motivational quotes when you are down and you are pumping again… This has worked for me for the last 5 years now and continues to work wonders..

2. Goals – Set yourself goals, then break them down into smaller goals and go after them one by one. When you finish your mini-goals, you get the motivation and belief to go for the bigger goals. Take these goals as a challenge, and go after them.

3. Don’t Quit – Once you start a task, don’t quit. Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win. Another one-liner but conveying something very important. Keep trying your goal until you complete it.

4. Find a supporting friend – Find a supporting friend who understand you and keeps you motivated. When you feel down and out, you discuss with your friend and he/she will motivate you back to track. This friend should be someone who knows you well. It could be a sibling, your spouse or a colleague. The point is: surround yourself with positive people who won’t let you get demotivated.

5. Take Risks – Take risks, learn something new everyday. Understand that there will be failures along the way. No one succeeds without encountering some failures. Treat every setback as an opportunity to learn and strike at the problem again, but better prepared this time.

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